Sdcz48 064g u46 read write and type

However, if the write speed is of your primary concern, I would recommend you to please use our Extreme USB 3. This is lower than what was achieved under the ATTO disk benchmark but during file transfers with windows explorer, the reported write speed by windows coincides with the result obtained by CrystalDiskMark.

Using the exact same testing platform, software, and port, my two-year-old Corsair Voyager produced its best write benchmark of Conclusion For its low cost, the drive is an excellent performer.

Overall Review: Write speed is pitiful. This flash drive is an excellent time saver. This signifies that it support USB 3. The write speed obtained by this flash drive is spectacular given its low cost. Cons: Not the performance expected from Sandisk. I expected better from the brand new SanDisk device.

We manufacture flash drives with different specification.

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The test platform was the exact same for both the Corsair and SanDisk drives. Random Read The flash drive is not designed for random read. However, it is very unlikely that this flash drive will be used for random read scenario as file transfers are generally sequentially done.

As the fault might lie with the USB 3. Did you. However, the flash drive was still able to function properly when plugged into a USB 2.

Yes Thanks for the valuable feedback you provided. I thought that maybe I had received a dud or an old rev flash drive. Granted, the Corsair was an 8GB device, and would require two fewer address bits, but that would only be a factor when filling the devices to capacity. As the USB 3. We highlight the best USB flash drive in terms of balanced performance and value for money using current prices, sequential read, sequential write, 4k read and 4k write speed.

The speeds are combined to form a single effective speed which measures performance for tasks. Buy SanDisk 32GB Ultra USB Flash Drive featuring 32GB Capacity, Read Speeds up to MB/s, USB / Compatible, SanDisk SecureAccess Software.

/5(77). I had high hopes for the Ultra despite its marginally more budget orientation. Unfortunately the 16GB Ultra turned out to be a disappointment.

64gb Flash Drive

With sequential read/write speeds of just 75/9 Mbps the Ultra lies in the bottom 25% of 16GB USB flash drives.

Small file (4K) read/write speeds clocked in at / MBps which is also in the UserBenchmark: SanDisk Ultra USB 16GB SDCZG.

Sandisk Ultra 64GB (USB 0)

Jan 13,  · Introduction, Packaging and Specification Test Bench and Methodology 8MB ATTO Benchmark CrystalDisk Mark Benchmark Transfer File Tests Conclusion View All SanDisk sent their Ultra 64GB USB make of their ultra series flash drives, which is advertised to be up to 4 times faster than USB drives in comparison to their Cruzer USB Author: The Sorcerer.

Feb 21,  · Buy Sandisk Ultra USB Flash Drive, 64 GB, Black (SDCZG-A46): USB Flash Drives - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases/5(58). Feb 05,  · The average was a solid MBps over sample files.) Read speeds were better at MBps, with only three very small dips to 23MBps.

Capacity was down 2GB over my Corsair 64GB flash drive. For reference that same Corsair Flash Voyager GT 64GB got MBps write and MBps read. I do not recommend this Sandisk Ultra 64GB USB3 flash drive.5/5(2).

Sdcz48 064g u46 read write and type
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SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive